The research carried out in MATCh project is funded from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency ([FP7/2007-2013] [FP7/2007-2011] under grant agreement n° [286548] . The start point was in October, 2011 and will conclude in September 2013, with a total duration of 24 [CC1] months.


The project aim is to enhance the research and innovation of three SMEs working in different sectors, namely: glass production, coatings fabrication and software on demand. These SMEs will commercially exploit the project findings on osteoinductive coatings and scaffolds. Without this project the 3 SMEs would not be in a position to provide into this market area.
At present, non-cemented acetabular elements are characterized by a configuration comprising a cup housed in a metal back for the implant osteointegration.
This configuration has drawbacks of high risk of relative mobility, wear of the cup and potential damage to the pelvis bone. To overcome these drawbacks, the prototyping of an innovative MONOBLOCK ceramic cup will be developed based on the patent "Monoblock ceramic prosthetic members" WO2008/146322A2, which describes a cup anchored to the bone through a bioactive trabecular coating, glazed on its surface and able to promote both primary and long term osteointegration.
In the monoblock cup, there is no metal back and it allows a ceramic-on-ceramic coupling with very low wear rate. In addition, this configuration allows a wider range of prostheses sizes and less trauma during surgical implantation. MATCh will develop prototypes able to accelerate osteointegration and to avoid aseptic loosening due to wear, relative mobility and bone damage and that could be used for a wider range of patients.

These goals are achievable within the project duration as RTD partners (POLITOAIMEN, FCIM and ICI) have developed technologies for glazing glasses on ceramic substrates and for the production of scaffolds and have wide expertise in the field of ceramics. The SMEs partners (FAME-MED, GTS and EXEMPLAR) will work on the production of coatings, industrial glass synthesis and biomechanical modeling.


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