Partner 1 – Politecnico di Torino (POLITO)

CONTACT: Dr. Chiara Vitale

POLITO (RTD Coordinator) is POLITO (RTD, Coordinator) is a well known technical university in Italy and provides, since 1906,education and research in engineering, with particular attention and links to their application inindustry. The research unit involved in this project (GLAnCE group - GLAsses, Composites & cERamics group, Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT), has high-quality research assessments, which range from the fundamentals of chemistry and materials science to the production and characterisation of engineered materials. At the present POLITO is coordinating (Monica Ferraris) a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) on Glasses and Ceramics Composites for High Technology Applications

The research group has a large experience in the field of synthesis and characterisation of materials for biomedical applications.The participation to the project will bring benefits as the opportunity to form new personnel on biomaterial field and increase the network of collaborations. SMEs selected POLITO because of its reputation and credibility as a prominent university active in the multidisciplinary scientific field, required for handling issues relevant in this project.

POLITO is involved in every WP and its main tasks are devoted to the glass composition tuning of WP1, to the dense coating preparation of WP4 and to the trabecular-like layer fabrication of WP5. POLITO being the coordinator through Dr. Chiara Vitale-Brovarone, will also have a primary role in WP7 and WP8. 

Partner 2 – AIMEN

CONTACT: Dr. María Ángeles Montealegre Aguado

AIMEN Research Centre has 218 employees, and is a Non Profit association constituted by 113 companies, which supplies technological support to more than 400 companies dedicated to industrial or commercial activity related to metallurgy, automotive sector, civil construction, mechanics, shipbuilding, chemicals, foundry, machinery, ceramics, food, cement, wood and its derivates, plastics, engineering, assembly and others. AIMEN promotes and undertakes research, as well as improves design, simulation and joining technologies.

AIMEN has participated in several European Research and Development Project under FP6 and FP7 . AIMEN was chosen as partner of the project due to its expertise in laser technologies.

AIMEN will be mainly involved in WP5 where is the leader of the WP, also AIMEN has the responsibility to carry out T.3.2, to support coating characterization in T 4.3, and will support to the consortium in WP1, 2 ,7 and 8. AIMEN will technically support SMEs in exploitation process, preparing technical documentation, training on laser techniques. 

Partner 3 – Fundació Privada Centre CIM

CONTACT: Joaquim Minguella

 The Fundació CIM is a reference centre in Advanced Production Technologies of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. It has the mission to improve the competitive advantage of companies byoffering a wide range of value added services. It also manages the XaRTAP, a Reference Networkin Advanced Production Technologies that combines the strength of 400 researchers in 11research groups.

The participation of the Fundacio, as UPC, has been a constant in previous Framework Programs(VI PM-PROHIPP, V PM-VJSC, SPEDEMAM, FLEXIPAINT, IV PM FLOCO) as well as in otherEuropean Programs such as Leonardo da Vinci (Modular Courses on Modern Sensors) or ESPRIT(IMMEDIATE) in which it participated as UniversitatPolitecnica de Catalunya (UPC) or InstitutCatalà de Tecnologies. FCIM will be mainly involved in WP2 due to its expertise in rapid fabrication of ceramics which make them crucial partner for MATCh project.

Partner 4 – Innovation Center Iceland (ICI)

CONTACT: Dr. Gissur Örlygsson

ICI is a leading public institution in technological R&D in Iceland with around 100 employees. Its departments specialize in defined areas of technology, such as materials technology, energy technology, environmental technology and nanotechnology. Projects include applied research and testing, basic research in key areas, consultation and technology transfer. ICI is active in several projects in the field of regenerative medicine and biomaterials, mainly pertaining to materials for bone regeneration. Among others, extensive x-ray CT analysis of bone samples have been performed. Together with its partners from industry, the University Hospital in Reykjavik, universities, and institutes, ICI participates in the research chain from materials development and characterization over cell studies to in vivo studies. The majority of results are exploited by our industrial partners in the development of medical devices.

The main task of ICI will be the X-ray CT scanning and data analysis of coated ceramic acetabular cups prepared in WPs 4 (T4.3) and 5 (T5.3). Data analysis includes determination of porosity, investigation of cracks and interfacial zone, structure and thickness of coatings.

Partner 5 - Exemplar

CONTACT: Claudio Cavallero

Exemplar is a SME which operates in the field of innovative services to companies by selling products for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and PIDO (ProcessAutomation and Design Optimization) of the most important international software houses.

Exemplar supplies solutions with a high added value, for example the training with these tools andmethodologies made exclusively based on customer specific requirements.
The company was born in 2006 inside the I3P, the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of thePolitecnico of Torino from the experience of 6 engineers, who work in the field of CAE SimulationFP7: Research for the benefit of SMEs FP7-SME-2011 MATCh46since more than 20 years. In this moment Exemplar includes 12 engineers with different skills andindustrial experiences.The skills of Exemplar, in the Virtual Simulation, cover the following disciplines:

Multidisciplinary Optimization (MDO) & PIDO (Process Integration & Design Optimization), LinearStatic & Dynamic Analysis, Non Linear & Fatigue Analysis, Multi-body Analysis, Thermal Analysis,Stochastic Analysis & Robust Design, Composite Analysis, CFD, Support and certification activity,Acoustic Analysis, Customization (DMAP, API & PCL Integration, Software integration&development).
Exemplar is mainly involved in WP2 and WP6 for the creation and validation of virtual models andsoftwares.

Partner 6 FAME-MED

CONTACT: Prof. Dr Feza Korkusuz

FAME-MED is a bench-to-bed biomedical research SME founded in 2002with the aim of improving design, innovation, research and development of medical materials andimplants for the quality of human life. The research unit of the company is based at Middle EastTechnical University (METU) Techno-city whereas the production unit is located at the OrganizedIndustrial Zone (OSTIM) of Ankara. Orthopedic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and mechanicalengineers are researchers and share-holders of this trans-disciplinary company. Orthopedicimplants, trauma instruments maxillofacial, hand surgery, knee surgery and experimental metalimplants as well as composites are designed and biomechanically tested at FAME-MED.Researchers, mainly medical doctors and medical implant producers who have ideas in their mindsapproach the company to design their implants.

A part of medical implant production is carried on to coat the medical implants with active ceramics and/or polymers The medical implants are designed and tested by using finite elementanalysis. The final design of implants is biomechanically tested using mechanical testing machines.
Prototypes are produced and delivered to companies for serially production and distribution. Currently there are 4 implants that are ready to go for Phase 1 clinical trial developed at this institute in collaboration with FAME-MED Company. FAME-MED will contribute to MATCh projectwith coating technologies and has two patent applications on this topic.
FAME-MED will be mainly involved in T4.2 and T4.3 and in WP6 for the validation and standardization of the processing parameters to coat the ceramic cup.

Partner 7 GTS

CONTACT: Dr Nick Kirk

GTS is a specialist manufacturer of high quality glass products for such sectors as defence, medical and nuclear. GTS works with many clients to manufacture new innovative products, the involvement in such development projects ranges from being a joint partner to just a manufacturer.

GTS involvement in this project will present new opportunities to strengthen our position in the medical sector which will increase GTS trading position and develop long term business security.
GTS currently has glass manufacturing facilities for the production of high quality products, currently there is little competition from within the EU but an ever increasing treat of manufacturers outside of the EU. Therefore, the IP rights from this project will enable some degree of protection and allow time for GTS to strengthen its position in the medical sector. GTS has a team of 25 glass experts that will be available to some extent to ensure the successful outcome of this project. This project fall within GTS business plan and will be fully supported by the board. Main Tasks: GTS is mainly involved in WP1 and WP6 for the glass production at the pre-industrial level and for the setting of the processing parameters for the glass production at the industrial level.


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