October 2011

Kick Off
in Torino


7th-8th of June 2012

2nd Symposium for Manufacturing in the Euroregion

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26-29th June 2012

"Bioactive glass-derived scaffolds as trabecular coatings on prosthetic devices" presentation, at the Terzo Congresso Nazionale Bioingegneria in Roma


27th Setember 2012

1st Year Project Meeting, with the overall consortium partners and the Commission Officer, in Barcelona

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24-25th October 2012

Workshop on "Glasses and Ceramics for biomedical applications" in Torino

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11th September 2013

Public presentation of the final report. Prototypes of the ceramic cup coated with trabecular-like laver. Final report on dissemination activities



August 2012. Integrated Process for Cup Prototypes. Methodology formalisation
October 2012. Demonstrator of the dense coating
November 2012. Heavy metal free, homogeneous glass batches
December 2012. First model demonstrator
July 2013. Second model demonstrator


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